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Two Big Shot Shows, One Excellence Award: DIAN’s Stunning Debut at NCCLab2017
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From Jun 2 to Jun 5, the National Clinical Examination Equipment Products Exhibition & National Conference of Clinical Laboratory Management (2017 NCCLab & 2017 CCLab) sponsored by Chinese Hospital Association Clinical Laboratory Management Committee was held at Wuhan International Conference & Exhibition Center as scheduled. At the invitation of the organizer of the conference, Chen Haibin, Chairman of DIAN and Liu Huafen, Executive President of Mass Spectrometry Business Division, DIAN (Kailaipu Precision Medical) presented special reports in the Medical Independent Laboratory Development Forum and the SCIEX Mass Spectrometry Forum, respectively. The "Exploration on the Construction Practice of Independent Medical Laboratory Internal Audit System" by Tao Chunlin of DIAN Laboratory Management Center won the "Excellent Poster Award"



Two Big Shot Shows, Highly Valuable and Practical


In the "Reflections on the Development of Independent Medical Laboratory in the Context of Healthy China" report, Chairman Chen Haibin shared the "DIAN experience" in the independent laboratory field in China from the perspective of national strategy, hierarchical medical policy, domestic and foreign medical independent laboratory and in vitro diagnostic industry development trends, etc. combined with DIAN’s success stories, trials and lessons accumulated in more than 20 years of development to the national experts and scholars participating in the conference. Chairman Chen Haibin also took bamboo for an example as a symbol of DIAN, and introduced the "Bamboo rhizome strategy" of DIAN in the whole industry chain deployment as well as the connotations of DIAN’s corporate vision, mission and core values.


And Liu Huafen, Executive President of Mass Spectrometry Business Division, DIAN and international famous senior mass spectrometry expert, attended the national academic conference as a DIAN person for the first time. Her report  "Application of Liquid Chromatography in Precision Medical Treatment" surrounded the latest development and clinical applications of mass spectrometry, emphasizing that precision medical treatment should cover precision diagnosis based on precision testing, targeting drug development and personalized administration, as well as metabolomics, a variety of proteome research and many other aspects. With the exclusive Metabolon Metabolomics Platform established by DIAN in China as an example, she introduced the application of metabolomics technology in the early diagnosis of disease, drug development and mechanism research and other aspects in detail.

Although Wuhan was almost boiling hot in early summer, it could not reduce the great enthusiasm of the laboratory industry peers to come listening to the two highly valuable and practical reports. The conference room that could hold nearly 200 people was fully packed, with very hot atmosphere on site.


One Excellence Award, Combination of Knowledge and Practice


At the conference, four papers "Exploration on the Construction Practice of Independent Medical Laboratory Internal Audit System", "Exploration on the Application of Independent Medical Laboratory Automatic Audit", "Exploration on the Quality of Independent Medical Laboratory before Using LIMS Information System Control Analysis" and "Preliminary Analysis on the Third-party Medical Laboratory Development Status and Service Model in China" submitted by DIAN Laboratory Management Center successfully passed the review of the organizing committee and presented in the conference poster area. Among them, "Exploration on the Construction Practice of Independent Medical Laboratory Internal Audit System" by Tao Chunlin et al. won the "Excellent Poster Award", indicating that the internal audit system of DIAN laboratory has been recognized in the industry and is in the forefront of the country.


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Medical laboratory internal audit is an important means of self-evaluation and continuous improvement of the laboratory quality management system, and is also one of the important inputs of the management review. The award-winning paper described how DIAN built and run the internal audit system, and explored the relevant practical experiences.


Over the years, to strengthen the technical level of laboratory technicians, DIAN Laboratory Management Center has set up different training programs for technical staff at different levels, and linked the external expert resources, inviting top experts inside and outside the industry to give lectures in the company, so as to help the professional personnel understand the frontier new technologies in the laboratory and pathology. At the same time, the company also set various training courses and organized contests for all kinds of skills to help the laboratory personnel master the work procedure at all aspects of the laboratory operation and ensure the laboratory analysis quality. In addition, the company set special "Technology Innovation Award" to encourage technical staff to carry out technical research and innovation.

The bi-annual National Conference of Clinical Laboratory Management has become an indispensable platform for national hospital managers, laboratory managers and clinical laboratory technologists to exchange laboratory management experience and quality systems and learn the laboratory new technologies indispensable. With stunning debut at NCCLab this time, DIAN shared the new technologies and applications at home and abroad as well as its own experiences with the industry peers, looking forward to promoting the development of the discipline and industry.

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